Cost of Assisted Living

Compare Cost

To assist you with comparing your monthly housing cost, we have provided the following work sheet.  Plese feel free to copy off this page and work the numbers.  Each situation is different and this work sheet is only to be a guide in calculating your costs.

 Worksheet for calculating monthly HOUSING cost 

                                                         Cost to live                 Cost to live

                                                        in your home              at The Gardens

 Mortgage / Rent                                 $________        $ ________

 Property Taxes                                    ________                   Incl.

 Property Ins.                                        ________                   Incl.

 Lawn Care and Equip.                         ________                   Incl.

 Home Maintenance                              ________                   Incl.

 Home Repairs                                      ________                   Incl.

 Replace major appliances                   ________                   Incl.

 High Speed Internet                             ________                   Incl.

 Security System                                   ________                   Incl.


      Electricity                                          ________                   Incl.

      Heat/Cool (Elec. or Gas)                                           ________                   Incl.

       Water                                                ________                   Incl.

      Trash Removal                                 ________                    Incl.

      Sewer                                                ________                    Incl.


    Sub total basic cost                  $ ________             $ ________


Optional monthly costs could include

 Membership fitness club                   ________                    Incl. (On site)

 Food                                                  ________                 ________

  Eat out food Costs                           ________                 $6 per meal

 Seasonal Storage                             ________                  ________

  Second person charge                    ________                 ________

  Renters Insurance                            ________                 ________

 Total cost                      $_________       $__________


Living space can be a factor when down sizing.  It is surprizing to find out how little space we use for our day to day living.  At the Gardens, we have many areas for you to entertain and enjoy your neighbors.  Your apartment is your private space but the entire gardens common areas also belong to you and are avaliable for your enjoyment.  The workseheet below may help you in calculating your new space at the gardens.  Feel free to print off the page and use it as a guide to assist in your calculations.    

Worksheet for calculating Living Area space

                                at The Gardens    at Your Home


Apartment living space           339—645 Sq. Ft.          ________

    Includes Kitchenette,

    dining space, living room,

    bedroom/s, bath, closets,


Country Kitchen/ Activity Room        400                    ________

Big Screen TV/ Exercise room          420                   ________

Fitness center                                  260                    ________

TV Room                                         300                    ________

Lounge and Lobby                           340                   ________

Private dinning room                        260                   ________

Dining room                                     980                   ________

Faith Room/Chapel                         320                    ________

      Other space                                                        ________

      Other space                                                        ________


Total Space Available    3,619 — 3,925 sq. ft.          ___________




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